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If you need someone capable of providing excellent ski repair in Breckenridge, go to AMR Ski and Board Shop. As a leading provider of the latest ski and snowboarding equipment for rent or purchase, we have adequate knowledge and expertise when it comes to fixing all kinds of ski equipment issues. Our shop is only a 5-minute walk to downtown, so it’s very easy to locate us.

For 25 years, we have been helping people enjoy their time in the mountains. We want you to truly have a great stay, so we are always willing to resolve any equipment problems that may hinder you from having a stress-free ski trip. We are here to ensure that all of your gear is in perfect condition so you can focus on having fun, and nothing else. Ski performance is not only dependent on your abilities. It is also essential to have well-maintained equipment. Any sign of damage should be dealt with right away.

A close-up of a woman using a screw to tighten the snowboard binding.
A close-up of a man doing regular repair maintenance on a skiboard.

As a full-service ski repair shop in Breckenridge, our highly skilled team of technicians can do all kinds of tune-up and repair. With state-of-the-art tools and truly capable hands, we provide maximum level service that can guarantee positive results and ultimate customer satisfaction. We also perform waxing, bending checks, edge-sharpening, mounting, and base end edge repair – all at affordable rates.

It is essential that your skis are well-maintained not only to make them last longer but also to have a greater time on the ice. Perfectly tuned equipment will never slow you down. Properly waxed bases don't require much force to turn and provide a better edge grip, which also protects the base from damage. Your equipment should give you the same level of performance no matter what the snow conditions are. Well-maintained equipment provides consistent performance.

Being a reliable provider of ski repair in Breckenridge, we keep ourselves informed with the latest trends in ski maintenance and repair. We have also encountered all kinds of gear issues that we were able to resolve, so you can be confident that you are putting your trust in a truly experienced team.

Apart from fixing your gear, we are also generous in giving good advice on how to properly take care of your equipment so you will never have to face the same issues again.

While you’re waiting for us to inspect and repair your gear, feel free to also check out our wide selection of top-of-the-line ski and snowboard equipment. We’re always ready to answer any inquiry that you may have. You may also want to look into our awesome demo skis while you’re at it. We carry the best American and European brands and we never give our customers some basic rental gear.

So the next time you would need help with your ski gear and equipment, head straight to Breckenridge Ski Repair at AMR Ski and Board Shop. Our team is well-known for being thorough, knowledgeable and passionate. We offer nothing but quality service, plus our love for skiing and snowboarding. Over the years, we have gained a lot of regular customers who go straight to our store when they need tune-up or repair services. We hope to gain your trust, too!

A close-up of a young man giving a snowboard to a girl client after a maintenance repair.