There Is a Difference

Ski Boot Selection: There is a difference! Getting the right Fit!

There are many aspects of rental equipment that truly set AMR apart! Most importantly is in the selection of boots. The availability of various models of boots is an important first step in starting your skiing or riding adventure! When you enter a ski shop, what criteria should you consider? Everyone comes in different shapes, sizes, and with unique needs.

Are you a cautious beginner or an advanced rider? Do you hit the slopes multiple times a year? Are you a local or a visitor? Do you require stiff or soft rear-entry Boots? Are you looking for a wide fit or a narrow one? Do you weigh 100 lbs or 300 lbs? Are you 25 yrs old or 65. Do you ski over 100 days or do you come once a year? There are numerous reasons to require an extensive selection. at AMR, we have it all! 

Selecting the Perfect Ski Equipment

Choosing the right skis and boards is equally vital! Whether you’re racing down the hill or feeling a bit cautious, the right gear makes all the difference. If you’re considering purchasing skis, having a diverse selection allows you to try out different models on various terrains to make the perfect choice. AMR offers just that!

We have a wide variety of equipment; which sets us apart from other shops in town! We have boots from over six companies and skis from eight manufacturers. Considering your size and ability, we can guarantee that we have the gear that will fit you perfectly. This is important for me, as the owner, and for you, as the customer. We don’t carry low-end rental packages anymore; as previously mentioned, we used to offer three packages, but now we only have two. Our mid-level gear is excellent and priced similarly to what other companies charge for their basic packages. They may not label it as basic, but there is a difference!

Packages That Defy Gravity

Our top-of-the-line Advanced Demo Package is renowned as the best in town; ask any local! Our longtime customers are accustomed to this quality, and new customers will surely appreciate the distinction. Everyone performs better with specialized equipment – I know I do; it’s as simple as that!

AMR also offers the fairest rates around. In today’s world, everything has gone up in price, from wages and rent to the cost of goods. We strive to provide top-quality gear at the most affordable prices possible – especially when you book in advance! Many of our customers save up all year to enjoy a skiing trip, and I truly understand that.

We also ensure that our employees respect this commitment. It’s my personal guarantee that if you ever encounter any issues, you can contact me directly by texting me at 970-389-2375. I will do my best to assist you in any situation; fortunately, such situations are rare! When you’re searching for equipment, remember to consider AMR for all your ski shop needs!

Get geared up with AMR Ski Shop!

Our team at AMR Ski Shop thanks you for choosing us for ski equipment rental and retail purchases! We genuinely appreciate your business and are confident you'll feel the same!