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DPS Phantom – A Better Alternative to Traditional Waxing During Ski Tuning

Ski tuning is an essential part of skiing. Just like other precision instruments, your skis need to be tuned regularly to ensure maximum performance and safety too. A proper snowboard tuning can make or break your skiing experience.

Several steps are involved with ski tuning at AMR Rentals. Before we do any tuning on your ski, our technicians will assess it for damage, including malfunctioning bindings, sidewall damage, or broken edges. If caught early, these can be easily repaired. Before a ski can be properly tuned, any major damage should be fixed first.

Edge sharpening is also very important. A well-tuned edge will grip even on the hardest of surfaces. It will hold firmly underneath you as you carve down the slope. Our technicians can sharpen your ski with accuracy and precision. This should give you full confidence as you lay your skis over to engage a turn.

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We can also produce a detailed grind. Without a base grind, you’ll feel that your ski may become sticky and slow from suction. These grinds are designed according to your ski type, dimensions, and anticipated snow conditions. A clean base grind moves water out and away from your ski base and makes it slide better on snow.

The last part of ski tuning is waxing. Having the right wax will help your base stay hydrated and fresh for a much better glide. While this technique is still quite popular, at AMR Rentals, we recommend a new treatment that is more convenient, effective, and safer for you and the environment.

Have you heard about the new waxless base treatment for skis? DPS Phantom Glide was launched two years ago and it provides a better alternative to regular ski waxing.

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Did you know that traditional ski wax contains many harmful ingredients that greatly affect humans and the environment? It has perfluorochemicals (PFCs) and other volatile organic compounds. They can inflict harm in many ways. For one, technicians can inhale their fumes during waxing. PFCs can also leak into the watershed during wax production. Lastly, bioaccumulation of PFCs in the bloodstream is also possible during wax production and application.

These environmental and health impacts are the main reasons why DPS founder Stephan Drake thought of a solution.

Phantom has a different composition and mechanism than ski wax, but it offers the same benefits. Phantom is applied to the ski base in a liquid form, thus avoiding toxic fumes. Once absorbed, light activates a chemical in the mixture resulting in the polymerization of the compound. It changes the chemical composition of your ski base and stays on no matter how many grinds your ski gets during ski tuning. With its powerful go-fast fluoro compositions, you can operate across all snow temperatures! Also, you are not contaminating any watershed. You just have to apply the formula once, so it is super convenient!

This snowboard tuning kit can be used at home. The mixture can be cured under direct sunlight within 2-3 hours. However, it can be applied professionally by an authorized Phantom dealer like AMR Rentals.

Cure Station application remains to be the best method to apply Phantom on skis or snowboards. It’s faster and professional techniques are much more precise.

Unfortunately, a base cleaner is not included in this ski tuning kit. Cleaning the bases via grinding before applying Phantom is necessary. So why not bring your ski or snowboard to us at AMR Rentals for a complete ski tuning service?

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