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Score the Best Ski Rental in Breckenridge, CO at AMR Ski Shop

Thanks for choosing AMR Ski Shop, we provide ski rentals in Breckenridge, CO and can fill all your rental needs! If you are looking for both quality and affordable ski rentals near Breckenridge, then you have come to the right place. AMR is a full-service Rental, Repair and Sales shop. We rent skis, snowboards, Telemark, AT, Outerwear and Snowshoes! AMR has two rental packages. Our rental packages are called Better and Best! Years ago, we used to rent three packages and we called them Good, Better and Best. People would always say I want something Better than the regular Good package or I want the Best available. And after a few years, no one really wanted our Good package. We stopped carrying a low-end economy package which no one really wanted anyway. Thus, Better and Best!

Our gear is Great. We carry Carvers, All Mountain, Rockered, Twin Tips, even in our Better packages! Of course, in our Best Rental Packages, we have very specific terrain packages such as Powder skis, Big Mountain skis and boards, All Mountain, etc. Our rates are fair and the gear is really good. Our instructor friends tell us all the time they love seeing students with our rental gear because they get a jump up on those that opted for a lower quality product. At AMR we want you to be on something that will help you to enjoy your vacation and get the most out of your rental dollars. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a child or an adult, our ski rental in Breckenridge can provide you with the right equipment. We want to make sure you are on gear we would give to our friends and family!

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Why Try Our Ski Rental
in Breckenridge?

Our Gear is Top-Notch!

Whatever your level, we have the right gear for you! If you are looking to Demo something, to make your purchase decision, or just a beginner trying to survive the day, we have it all! Our Techs are knowledgeable and experienced! And we can be a great resource - willing to give you some good info to help you to become a better skier or rider. We feature a wider selection of more specific gear choices to help you perform at your highest level. AMR is a low-key, fun sort of place with great gear and rates. So, if you are up for some adventure, you can visit our shop for ski rentals near Breckenridge for all your skiing equipment needs.

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A wide shot of two people standing on a ski park against a snowy mountain with pine trees, cable cars with people, and people skiing in the background.

We Know Skiing!

Skiing is our passion, and it shows! We know the ropes and are happy to share our experience and resources. We offer top-notch gear at reasonable prices. Many of our longtime customers are families and individuals who prefer AMR to other shops for those reasons. And we have dogs! We are a long-standing shop with a great local following! We've been around since the 80's for a reason. We Care About You! We want you to enjoy your stay here, and want you to come back year after year. And when your kids become adults and their kids come skiing, we want them to feel happy and comfortable coming into AMR ski rental in Breckenridge, CO to find what suits them best.

Demo Package

An illustration that shows brand logos, a blue-green Rossignol ski board, a blue and red slingshot Elan ski board, and an orage and dark blue Rangel Fischer ski board against a blue snowy mountain in the background. Rossignol R logo, Elan logo, Fischer logo,
Atomic Bent Chetler
100, 120
Womans – Back Pearl 88, 98, Sheeva 9, 10 and 11
Mens – Brahma, Bonafide, Rustler 9, 10 , 11
Womans – Santa Anna 88, 93, 100, – Enforcer 93, 100, 110,
Salomon skis – Womans – Lux 92
Mens – QST 106, QST 99 Stance 96
Womans – Kore 87, 93
Mens skis – Kore 93, 99, 105
Ranger 102, – Ranger 99 Ti
Womans sklis – Rip Styx 94,
Mens skis – Rip Styx 96, 106
Sender Ti, – Sender, Rally Bird
Blaze 106, – Revolt 104, – Mantra 96, 102
An illustration that shows brand logos, a blue and orange Hanibal Fischer ski board, a blue and orange Blizzard ski board, and a red and dark gray Atomic ski board against a blue snowy mountain in the background. Fischer logo, Blazzard logo, Atomic logo
Fischer Skis
Hanabal 106 with skins
Blizzard Skis
Zero G 95, 105, with skins
Atomic Skis
Backland 97 and 107 with skins
An illustration that shows brand logos—a dark blue and yellow green Fischer ski boot and a black and yellow Scarpa ski boot—against a snowy blue mountain in the background. Fischer logo, Scarpa logo.
Ranger 120, Ranger W 105

Better Ski Package

An illustration that shows brand logos, a blue-green Rossignol ski board, A blue and red slingshot Elan ski board and an orage and dark blue Rangel Fischer ski board against a blue snowy background. Rossignol R logo, Elan logo, Fischer logo,
Rossignol Scratch 7, Sassy 7
Elan Slingshot
Fisher Ranger 85
An illustration that shows brand logos, a gray and black Nordica ski boot, and a red, white, and black Atomic ski boot against a snowy blue mountain in the background Nordica logo, Rossignol logo, Atomic logo, Technica logo, Fisher logo.
Nordica Cruise
Atomic Magna, Atomic Hawk
Fisher 90
Nordica sportmachine
Rossignol Allspeed
Technica Mach 1 rental
An illustration that shows brand logos and three sky-blue ski boards. Rossignol R Logo, Arboro Snowboards Logo, Head Logo, Salamon Logo.
rental snowboards
rental snowboards
Flocka rental boards
rental boards
An illustration that shows brand logos and two black ski shoes. Head logo, Salamon logo, Rossignol R logo.
Head Boa
Salomon Boa
Rossignol Boa

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  • Refunds or cancellations must be 48 hrs prior to arrival to get a refund.
  • Reservations made the day of arrival are not eligible for refunds.
  • Same-day reservations will be subject to availability.
  • Rental clothing is available but is based on availability.


Items/PackageSingleMulti Day
Junior Ski or Board Package$34$30
Junior Demo Package $42$38
Beginner to Intermediate Package (skis or snowboards)$44$40
Advanced Intermediate to Expert Level (skis or snowboards)$54$50
NTN Telemark Package $54$50
Rental Jacket$16$14
Rental Pants$16$14
AT Backcountry Gear$125$125

Helmets included in rates – Pay for 4 days gets the 5th day Free!