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Many people are already looking forward to their winter vacation and might even be at that stage where they are starting to plan it out. Surely, skiing is always part of the winter adventure bucket list. It is not only fun but is also a good way to be one with and appreciate nature. However, unless you have bought your own skiing and snowboard equipment, you will probably have to look for a place to rent some. You would need to look for a rental shop, wait in line, and carry the equipment all the way back to your car. After that, you would have to bring the ski and snowboard equipment to whatever mountain you plan to go skiing on.

Sounds like a hassle, right? You might be tired even before you reach your destination. Luckily, there is a new and better way for you to get ahold of ski and snowboard equipment without tiring yourself too much. At AMR Ski Shop, we offer ski rental delivery to make your next skiing adventure more pleasant and less tiresome. This way, you can enjoy the activity without worrying too much about the equipment you need to use.

AMR Ski Shop - Premium Ski Rentals Delivery

Why Use Our Ski and Snowboard
Rental Delivery Service?


Hauling equipment as big as skis and snowboards can be a hassle. Imagine packing up for your vacation and the first thing you have to do is carry all the equipment. This is definitely not a good way to start a vacation. You will be tired even before you leave. Further, these equipment are nothing close to being compact. So, not only would you need a bigger car, but it also hampers your mobility to go from place to place. With AMR Ski Shop’s rental delivery service, you no longer have to carry around space-consuming equipment. All you have to do is go to our shop to get fitted and we will bring the equipment right to your doorstep. You also won’t have to worry about fixing and storing the ski and snowboard equipment after use, because we also pick up right after, so you can easily focus on enjoying your skiing adventure and holiday.

AMR Ski Shop - Convenience Delivery
AMR Ski Shop - Variety of New Equipment
AMR Ski Shop - New Variety of Equipment

Variety of New Equipment

Like with all sports, the world of ski and snowboard equipment is always evolving, with new designs and improvements coming out all the time. Even if you have your own ski and snowboard equipment, using our rental delivery service is still worth it as you would have access to the latest ski and snowboard equipment at affordable rental prices and without the hassle of hauling them around. We have all sorts of ski and snowboard equipment for you. Whether you are looking for beginner-friendly skis or high-performance ones, we can surely deliver.

Customer Assistance

At AMR Ski Shop, our goal is for our customers to be able to enjoy their skiing adventure to the fullest. That is why our staff are always willing and ready to assist you with any concerns. Should anything happen to your gear while skiing, you can always call us and ask for help. Personnel from our rental delivery service can easily help you with any concerns such as a replacement if you need one.

AMR Ski Shop - Assists Customers
AMR Ski Shop - Customer Assistance

Demo Package

AMR Ski Shop - Ski Demo Package
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Atomic Skis
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Better Ski Package

AMR Ski Shop - Ski Better Package
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Items/PackageSingleMulti Day
Junior Ski or Board Package$30$26
Junior Demo Package $38$34
Better Ski or Board Package $40$36
Best Demo Ski or Board Package$50$46
NTN Telemark Package $50$46
Rental Jacket$12$10
Rental Pants$12$10

Helmets included in rates – Pay for 4 days gets the 5th day Free!