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Changes and exchanges – Free exchanges and changes anytime. We know getting a boot fitting exact the first time, no matter how many boots we try on or how much time we spend with someone, can be hard and you never really know till you get out on the hill how they will feel. Same with the skis or boards. If your using something and you just want to try something different, carver twin tip, all mountain, powder! Just come in!

Want to try a different type of ski or Board from our Best demos? Especially if your considering a purchase, just come on into the shop and we will fix you up. You can even try a few in one day if you want to come down the Gondola (10 min to the shop) No charge!

Purchases – Want to demo to buy? We give you 2 days worth of your Demo rental fee back on all ski or board purchases. Deducted from the retail price of the gear. If you want to demo several pair of skis in one day it is fine with us, so long as your not tearing them up. :~)

Refunds on reservations – If you booked or prepaid your reservations just let us know 48 hrs in advance and get full refund on any rental purchase. If you cancel the day of the reservation you will be subject to a $25 processing fee.

Refunds for early returns – For a refund please have your equipment back to our shop by 7 pm the evening before, We need to be able to get our equipment serviced and ready to rent again for the next day.Credit will not be issued for returns the day of the return.

Destroying or damaging gear beyond normal wear and tear – our least favorite thing in the ski shop is having to charge someone for equipment being destroyed or lost. So please take care of our gear! We cover any normal wear and tear but if someone blatantly destroys something beyond our being able to fix it we reserve the right to charge for it based on the replacement costs minus its condition before the rental. So please don’t put the boots next to a fire or heat source. They are plastic and melt. Please don’t run your skis or boards into a rock cliff and smash them. Please don’t leave you gear outside next to a bar and expect them to be there the next day. All gear needs to be returned. These are just some things which have happened and we just want to try to prevent so it doesn’t have to be a bummer for your vacation.

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