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The Best Snowboard Rental in Breckenridge – AMR Ski Shop

Are you planning to visit the Rocky Mountain’s Tenmile Range or any nearby ski area? Our snowboard rental in Breckenridge can help you enjoy an unforgettable stay! Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying your favorite winter sport or exploring the surroundings!

AMR Ski Shop is more than just another rental shop in Breckenridge. We’ve been in the business for 25 years and have become part of the town’s history and culture. Our location is a true landmark for locals and tourists alike.

A close-up of a girl in a pink jacket and a blue sweater carrying a pink snowboard against a group of people and a snowy slope in the background.

Why Rent From Us?

Great Gear at Reasonable Rates!

As passionate skiers and snowboarders ourselves, we know all the ins and outs of these sports. We offer the best snowboard rentals in Breckenridge and carry only the best brands to help our clients stay safe and make the most of their snow adventures.

Are you a beginner or a pro? No worries! We offer a wide variety of packages for every snowboarder and skier type!

At AMR Ski Shop, you will find everything you need, from warm, comfortable snow boots and clothes to keep you dry to skis and snowboards in various brands, types, and sizes. We only feature the highest quality skis and snowboards from the best manufacturers!

Choose from a variety of brands like Nordica, Rossignol, Blizzard, Head, Arbor Collective, and more.

A close-up of helmets displayed on a rack inside a ski rental store.
A close-up of two men wearing helmets, goggles, and outer jackets The man in an orange outer jacket was holding a snow board and pointing his finger at the slope of a mountain.
AMR Ski Shop - Excellent Service Breckenridge

Excellent Customer Service

Don’t know which snowboard is right for you? Our staff skis and rides on everything so we’ll be more than happy to help you find the best equipment based on your expertise level and preferences. Feel free to ask any questions. We want to make sure you’ll enjoy every minute you spend in our beautiful mountains!

Affordable Rental Rates

Considering the brands and types of equipment we offer at AMR Ski Shop, you are sure to get the best value for your money!

Do not wait until the last minute to reserve the equipment you need. As one of the best snowboard rentals in Breckenridge, we get a lot of reservations, especially during peak season. To make sure you get your size and favorite brand or color, use our user-friendly website to make early reservations!

It will be worth it, as we offer a 25% discount on our web rates if you prepay in full two weeks in advance! The same deal applies to any accessories or in-house purchases.

You can choose to book a rental without prepaying. Just send in a reservation and still save 20% off our walk-in rates. Walk in-rates are $2.00 higher than web rates.

If you rent our equipment for 4 days, the 5th day is on us! Pay for 8 days and get 2 days extra! This includes free helmet rentals!

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A group of people in skiing attire are holding a snow board against a black background on a ski park.
AMR Ski Shop - Group Snowboarding Breckenridge

Are You Going as a Group?

We know groups may or may not be traveling together or paying together. It gets complicated. So if you are booking as a group, we don't require a prepayment. We will give you the same prepayment discount rate of 25% off without prepaying for the total rental for your group. It's just easier and you still get the best rate we offer! We always find new ways to surprise and keep our clients happy and satisfied! One thing is certain, whether you prefer snowboarding or skiing, our equipment rental service will not disappoint! We have many clients, from pros and enthusiasts to families with children, ready and willing to vouch for our professionalism and why we are the best snowboard rental in Breckenridge!

Demo Package

An illustration that shows brand logos, a blue-green Rossignol ski board, a blue and red slingshot Elan ski board, and an orage and dark blue Rangel Fischer ski board against a blue snowy mountain in the background. Rossignol R logo, Elan logo, Fischer logo,
Atomic Bent Chetler
100, 120
Womans – Back Pearl 88, 98, Sheeva 9, 10 and 11
Mens – Brahma, Bonafide, Rustler 9, 10 , 11
Womans – Santa Anna 88, 93, 100, – Enforcer 93, 100, 110,
Salomon skis – Womans – Lux 92
Mens – QST 106, QST 99 Stance 96
Womans – Kore 87, 93
Mens skis – Kore 93, 99, 105
Ranger 102, – Ranger 99 Ti
Womans sklis – Rip Styx 94,
Mens skis – Rip Styx 96, 106
Sender Ti, – Sender, Rally Bird
Blaze 106, – Revolt 104, – Mantra 96, 102
An illustration that shows brand logos, a blue and orange Hanibal Fischer ski board, a blue and orange Blizzard ski board, and a red and dark gray Atomic ski board against a blue snowy mountain in the background. Fischer logo, Blazzard logo, Atomic logo
Fischer Skis
Hanabal 106 with skins
Blizzard Skis
Zero G 95, 105, with skins
Atomic Skis
Backland 97 and 107 with skins
An illustration that shows brand logos—a dark blue and yellow green Fischer ski boot and a black and yellow Scarpa ski boot—against a snowy blue mountain in the background. Fischer logo, Scarpa logo.
Ranger 120, Ranger W 105

Better Ski Package

An illustration that shows brand logos, a blue-green Rossignol ski board, A blue and red slingshot Elan ski board and an orage and dark blue Rangel Fischer ski board against a blue snowy background. Rossignol R logo, Elan logo, Fischer logo,
Rossignol Scratch 7, Sassy 7
Elan Slingshot
Fisher Ranger 85
An illustration that shows brand logos, a gray and black Nordica ski boot, and a red, white, and black Atomic ski boot against a snowy blue mountain in the background Nordica logo, Rossignol logo, Atomic logo, Technica logo, Fisher logo.
Nordica Cruise
Atomic Magna, Atomic Hawk
Fisher 90
Nordica sportmachine
Rossignol Allspeed
Technica Mach 1 rental
An illustration that shows brand logos and three sky-blue ski boards. Rossignol R Logo, Arboro Snowboards Logo, Head Logo, Salamon Logo.
rental snowboards
rental snowboards
Flocka rental boards
rental boards
An illustration that shows brand logos and two black ski shoes. Head logo, Salamon logo, Rossignol R logo.
Head Boa
Salomon Boa
Rossignol Boa

Book Online and Save 25%

Let us help you get ready for the slopes! Set your reservation today to get outfitted.
Rentals can be picked up anytime after 1PM the day prior to your start date.


  • Refunds or cancellations must be 48 hrs prior to arrival to get a refund.
  • Reservations made the day of arrival are not eligible for refunds.
  • Same-day reservations will be subject to availability.
  • Rental clothing is available but is based on availability.


Items/PackageSingleMulti Day
Junior Ski or Board Package$34$30
Junior Demo Package $42$38
Beginner to Intermediate Package (skis or snowboards)$44$40
Advanced Intermediate to Expert Level (skis or snowboards)$54$50
NTN Telemark Package $54$50
Rental Jacket$16$14
Rental Pants$16$14
AT Backcountry Gear$125$125

Helmets included in rates – Pay for 4 days gets the 5th day Free!