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About Dave

A little about me, the author. I’ve been living and skiing in Breckenridge since 1982. I came here for the season, got a job in a ski shop, and never left. Now I have my own shop, AMR!  I still ski almost every day and manage to put in about 140 days per year, and currently on Epic Mix for all time Breckenridge I am in 8th place and have the most days on the mountain than anyone! Which is not to brag but to let you know how much I am on the hill. Not bad for a local business owner and anyone who is not retired.

I am an advanced Telemark skier, I spend most of my time up high on the hill. Because of this I have a pretty extensive knowledge of what it is like to be and what is needed to operate at high elevation. Gear is important! If you want to stay out there. I love being part of the weather. Clouds, wind, sun and snow are amazing at 12,000-14,000 feet.

I’ve owned AMR since 1993 and somehow managed to stay in business after all these years. I guess it’s because I love what I do. This does make me a great resource for my customers. And as I am still not only the Owner but the Manager, Tech and Buyer and occasionally I clean the bathrooms. For those of you that are small business owners you know what I mean. My customers are always asking about how to get around on the mountain and what I gear am currently using and even what good restaurants there in town. After 30 plus years here, I have a few ideas. So, feel free to come in and ask!