thoughts from dave

A man wearing a blue-green outer jacket and gray ski pants is riding on a ski board, trying to escape from the avalanche.

The Easiest Way is Not Always the Path of Least Resistance!

I tell people all the time when we are talking about which slopes are easiest, many times they say I only ski on blues and greens. To which I reply you know sometimes its the people that ski and board on those runs that make it a little scary. Even though a black run might seem more difficult to ride down,  it might seem even easier to get down it,  because there are generally less people on those runs making it less likely that someone will run into you or cut you off or just throw you off your game. So I say if you can just manage the steeper slope head that way! I try to only ski black or double black runs and only ski on the intermediate runs when I am going down to head off the hill.