Equipment changes in the last few years

A close-up of a blue cable car with two people inside and skis on its ski rack.

Over the last 5 years or so equipment has changed quite a bit. As with many other industries a goal would be to not only keep the people who have been participating in the sport but how to attract more people into it. One way is to make the equipment easier for people to use […]

The Easiest Way is Not Always the Path of Least Resistance!

A man wearing a blue-green outer jacket and gray ski pants is riding on a ski board, trying to escape from the avalanche.

I tell people all the time when we are talking about which slopes are easiest, many times they say I only ski on blues and greens. To which I reply you know sometimes its the people that ski and board on those runs that make it a little scary. Even though a black run might […]

Notes From Dr. Gray About Altitude Sickness

A close-up of a doctor's white lab coat with a signing pen and a penlight on its packet and a stethoscope bell.

Dr. Gray is a friend and also the mobile doctor in town. He deals with a lot of issues which mostly have to do with altitude sickness. Here’s a couple of tips. Drink water! Coming to high elevation can be hard on your body and heart. If you are drinking alcohol make sure to add […]

About Dave

An illustration that shows smiling people and a text that says A film by Games West tells the AMR story.

A little about me, the author. I’ve been living and skiing in Breckenridge since 1982. I came here for the season, got a job in a ski shop, and never left. Now I have my own shop, AMR!  I still ski almost every day and manage to put in about 140 days per year, and […]